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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any fees to get started?

A : Our service is 100% free of charge. Some of the tools and of course traffic for your website does cost money to run effectively.

Q: How much money can I make with my website?

A : This entirely depends on you. We're providing a turnkey solution that is proven to work if you follow the steps and work consistently. Some people are making thousands of dollars a day working from home while others earn nothing.

Q: Does this work even if I'm flat broke?

A : While it is possible to do some free marketing to get people to your website it is typically best if you have all of the tools and the ability to purchase traffic on a consistent basis to see a steady flow of revenue.

Q: What if I've never had a website before?

A : Great! You don't need any web design skills to make money and manage your website. We've done all of the hard work for you so you can plug in and start making money right away.

Q: I've been scammed before is this real?

A : Yep, this is 100% real and you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. Typically scams aren't going to give you anything for free so take a peek inside and you'll see how real this is.

Why Us?

There are over 326,000 people every month searching the internet for ways to supplement or replace their income with something they can do from home. Unfortunately, most of the "get rich quick" schemes you'll come across online are complete nonsense where the only money being made will be by the "opportunity" creators themselves. We wanted to create a genuine opportunity that works for everyone without all of the technical headaches and big up-front investments. Free Turnkey Websites gives the "Average Joe" a real chance to build an online business by paying it forward first.

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